Definitions for "External User"
Also called outside user. Any customer not using a UW budget number for payment. Also see Internal User.
The Windows operating system can authenticate a user, who can then access the Oracle database without being prompted for a password. External users are typically regular database users (non-database administrators) to whom you assign standard database roles (such as CONNECT and RESOURCE), but do not want to assign the SYSDBA (database administrator) or SYSOPER (database operator) privilege.
External users include partners and end users that access a copy of the server software for which a license was acquired. External users do not include employees, independent contractors, agents, service providers, or other persons providing services to or on behalf of the organization holding the license. External users also do not include hosted-service users.
a person who is not an employee or member of the University or its affiliates, and is not someone to whom you provide hosted services using the server software