Definitions for "EXTENSIONS"
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Additions to file names, preceded by a period, that generally indicate the file format: .exe for executable, .bat for batch, .tif for TIFF format, and so on.
Capabilities that are not yet part of the OpenGL standard. The " EXT" suffix indicates OpenGL extensions that are supported by two or more vendors. The " HP" suffix indicates OpenGL extensions that are currently supported only by Hewlett-Packard.
A full stop and 3 letter suffix added to the end of any DOS, Windows or Mac filename e.g. .TXT for .Text files, .BMP for .Bitmaps, .BAT for .Batch files etc. It is used by programs to distinguish 1 file from another. Linux and Unix files do not have extensions, programs instead distinguish the type of file from a 'magic number' in the file code.
These are devices fitted to baby safety gates in doorways that are wider than average, or used as dividers for apportioning a large room into baby safe and unsafe zones.
These are fitted to baby safety gates where doorways are wider than average, or used to construct a fencing arrangement for the dividing up of large rooms into baby safe and unsafe zones.
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HTML tags that allow extended functionality such as centering, tables, backgrounds, and font size manipulation. Netscape extensions are not presently supported by other browsers.
Typically refers to the addition of locally-defined elements to a metadata scheme. The distinction between extensions and qualifiers is not always clearly drawn in the literature or within the Dublin Core community.
tubular components attached to the bottom of a packer to extend it bore.
Network Solutions offers a variety of domain name extensions. Protecting brand identity has become very important, so often customers will register multiple extensions and variations of their domain names. Here are the most frequently registered extensions and their common usage, although it must be noted that any extension can be used for any purpose: Extension Common Commercial, but is commonly used for Internet administrative site, but is commonly United Personal Web Western Samoa, but is often used for Web British Virgin Cocos (Keeling) South Georgia & the South Sandwich Turks and Caicos Tuvalu, but often used for United European New Mexico
Programs which change the Macintosh environment or allow different services. These have no user interface and are located in the extensions folder in the system folder.
These are special behaviors that you can download and use with the Extension manager to enhance the functionality of Dreamweaver. There are many third party extensions available via the Internet. You will need to download and install your Extension Manager before you can add any extensions. Use the Commands menu and choose Get Commands and from there you can take the link to Macromedia to get your extension manager.
are programs that extend the function of the Mac OS. They were previously called "INITs" or "Control Panels". Extensions are programs that are loaded at the time the computer starts. Most extensions display small icons across the bottom of the screen as they load. Extensions loaded in the Extensions folder in the System Folder have no user interface­ you load them and they do their thing. Extensions loaded in the Control Panel have a user interface that can be accessed by double-clicking on them or by selecting them in the Control Panels menu in the Apple Menu. Extensions are popular because they allow people to customize the way their computer works. The most popular extension for Macintosh is Berkeley's After Dark screen saver. Extensions can conflict with each other (or the Mac OS) if they not written properly or are out-of-date, resulting in system errors and freezing.
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the ninth, eleventh and thirteenth of a chord.
Eco-Logical should help lead to the next logical steps in compensatory mitigation - finding and taking vanishing opportunities to conserve and improve important ecosystems. Although the Steering Team's discussions primarily focused on transportation, the concepts applied in the Guide can be applied to other types of infrastructure.
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Additional pipes, added to the top or bottom of a rank, to permit using the same rank at more than one pitch. For example, the usual 8' rank has 61 pipes, one for each key on the manual; the largest pipe is 8 feet long, and the pitch sounded on each key is the same as that of the piano (8', or unison, pitch). A pitch one octave higher than unison (4' pitch) can be sounded from the same rank by starting with the lowest key of the manual playing the 13th pipe and so on upward; at the top of the rank a 1 2-pipe extension must be added to complete the compass of the manual.
Additional lifting surfaces added to the top planes
Extensions was released by The Manhattan Transfer on October 31, 1979 on the Atlantic Records label.
Longer blades that are used on forklifts when the standard blades are inadequate.
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The process of forgiving a specific monthly rent in return for an extension fee and the lessee's promise to pay at a later date.
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Hair extensions are a non-surgical treatment for hair loss that involves weaving real human hair into your own natural hair to create fuller, longer hair that appears as natural as your own.
Any new reserves credited to a previously producing reservoir because of enlargement of its proved area. This enlargement in proved area is usually due to new well drilling outside of the previously known productive limits of the reservoir.
groupings of related requirements, common to some, but not all, applications that together provide an added functionality (e.g., analysis aspects, real-time/dynamic aspects, administrative aspects).
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Extension fields in X.509 v3 certificates. (See X.509)