Definitions for "Extended Benefits"
This program, which automatically goes into effect during periods of high unemployment, provides claimants with an extension of their regular unemployment benefits. The beginning date, duration and ending date of this program are "triggered" by a specified unemployment rate during a specified period of time.
A permanent program that pays up to 13 weeks of extended benefits to workers in states with a 5 percent insured unemployment rate (several states have adopted the more effective 6.5 percent total unemployment rate trigger). The cost of the EB program is equally shared by the federal UI system and each stateâ€(tm)s UI system. Since this EB trigger is not very effective, Congress has passed emergency programs, most of them completely funded by the federal government, during the last two recessions. The 2002 program is called Temporary Extended Unemployed Compensation (TEUC).
Benefits which continue, or become payable, after the termination of coverage from a plan or insurance contract (for example, a hospitalization which continues after coverage would normally cease).