Definitions for "Expulsion"
A form of penalty in which an individual religious, for serious faults or violations of community rules, is dismissed from in the Order.
is when a child is removed from school for at least one year due to a disciplinary action.
The removal of a child from school at the instigation of the school.• Schools
The act of expelling; a driving or forcing out; summary removal from membership, association, etc.
The state of being expelled or driven out.
the act of expelling or projecting or ejecting
squeezing out by applying pressure; "an unexpected extrusion of toothpaste from the bottom of the tube"; "the expulsion of pus from the pimple"
The order by a State for a person to leave that States territory. In order to ensure that fundamental rights are protected, the EU is aiming to clarify the circumstances in which expulsion of EU citizens from another EU Member State can legally occur. . (See EU citizenship: Right to move and reside freely , Immigration: Return policy)
a traumatic experience, which subjects children to considerable privation and suffering and denies them the special protection that is their right
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