Definitions for "Expressions"
Expressions are physical vibrations. They include clairsentience of the etheric web to the heart, the clairvoyance of the etheric web to the eye, the clairaudience of the etheric web to the equilibrium areas of the throat and the ear.
The OracleAS TopLink equivalent of an SQL conditional clause. OracleAS TopLink expressions are specified using the Expression and ExpressionBuilder classes.
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Two blog posting clients, one for mobile phones/PDAs and one for desktop/laptop computers, that support offline posting, offline caching of previous postings, and synchronisation between clients. Both can post to most blogging platform APIs.
are any legal combination of ActionScript symbols that represent a value. An expression consists of operators and operands. For example, in the expression x + 2, and are operands and + is an operator.
Expressions are a set of statements that, as a group, evaluate to a single value. JavaScript then categorizes this resulting value as one of the five data types: number, string, logical, function, or object.
Statements that involve a mathematic equation or that change the value of something.
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a new range of long life paper for artists
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Object-Oriented Programming