Definitions for "EXPOSURES"
The number of times a viewer sees an advertizing banner.
The number of times a viewer sees an advertising banner.
An individual's contact with an advertising message/commercial/ad. For example, how many times did the person hear the commercial on the radio
The element in the heading of each Survey Report used by the agents to estimate the number of frames of microfilm needed to photograph the Virginia-related manuscript examined by the agent for that report.
Exposures are buildings or structures that are near the structure on fire and that are placed at risk by the fire. A primary focus of the responding fire department will be to protect the exposures, thus reducing the risk of the fire spreading and causing additional damage to life & property.
The number of times per year that the system risks a stockout. The number of exposures is arrived at by dividing the lot size into the annual usage.
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Exposures, or loss exposures, are situations that could lead to an accidental loss.
People, property, or the environment that are or that may be exposed to the harmful effects of a hazardous materials emergency.