Definitions for "Exposed"
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Exposed is a 1979 live album by Mike Oldfield. The album was a collection of Oldfield's tours in Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and England from March to April 1979.
"Exposed" is Coco Lee's sophomore English album, her third if you count her covers album "Coco's Party".
Fourth and last solo album from singer Chanté Moore. Executively produced by super-producer Jermaine Dupri it featured only two single releases "Straight Up" which became a moderate hit in some European countries LesCharts, but failing to make waves in the U.S and the controversial single Bitter which was later released as a radio-only single. Moore was dropped shortly after the release.
with no protection or shield; as, the exposed northeast frontier.
with no protection or shield; "the exposed northeast frontier"; "open to the weather"; "an open wound"
A position where you are suddenly aware of how high you are above the ground. Can be very exhilarating but can sometimes result in disco leg, especially if you are miles from any protection.
The kind of position where you suddenly realise how far away the ground has become; a route or move that takes you into such a position. [Tony Buckley
an area of photoresist that has had radiation interact with it during an exposure process.
Exposed is the title of an hour TV program that airs on Tuesdays 13:30 ET on Canadian music television station, Much Music. The program focuses on a specific individual music artist or a music group and intends to reveal the real personality of the music artist by documenting a MuchMusic VJ spending time and interacting with them. The show concept is to provide a different view on a celebrity by documenting them offscreen and having good-natured fun with a VJ.
Secret plans by some group are often subjected to exposure by journalists looking for a story or by opponents hoping to generate a public backlash against the plan. [SMB
Subject to a factor that is under study in the environment, for instance an environmental hazard AN non-exposed, unexposed.
a person is exposed to a hazardous substance if the person absorbs, or is likely to absorb the substance by ingestion, or inhalation or through the skin or mucous membrane.
Capable of being contacted inadvertently (applies to hazardous objects not adequately guarded or isolated).
visible due to absence of clothing at that point; -- of body parts.
This describes pipes that are located so as to be visible, not encased nor enclosed. Exposed pipes give the organ tone brightness and clarity, illustrating the rule that what can be seen in the room can also be heard best in the room. In modern organs at least the Great is generally exposed, to help overcome the somewhat distant effect of the enclosed divisions. Exposed pipes are frequently employed as a decorative facade for the organ.
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to uncovered, bare
Used to describe a section of a route which is high, usually a few pitches up. Often means the climber is uncomfortable at the thought of taking a fall in this section.
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Wall from which plaster
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A face-up tile, part of a set or a discard.
a card that is face up and available for play.
A group whose members have been exposed to a supposed cause of disease or health state of interest, or possess a characteristic that is a determinant of the health outcome of interest.
Status of an any individual who has been in contact with an infected individual during a period of infectiousness.
Exposed is an implementation of Apple's Expose window management system on X Windows, using X.Org R
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not covered with clothing; "her exposed breast"