Definitions for "export"
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A German-style beer of above average strength. Generally 4.2-4.4 abw/5.25-5.5 abv.
In Germany, pale lager that is dryer than the Munich type but less hoppy than a pilsner and slightly stronger than either. Good with salads, fish, or chicken. Serve at 48F; 8-9C. Elsewhere, the term means simply, "premium".
Export is a gold colored lager beer that is dryer than a Munich style lager. It tastes less of hops than a Pilsner, and is stronger flavored than either one. It was originally produced in Dortmund and is sometimes known simply as "Dort".
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Formatting and transferring data out of a system.
a process in which electronic data is converted and copied into another file which can then be imported into another database.
To save your production to a file or to an external video device. Premiere can export both individual clips and entire productions on the Timeline to a variety of disk and Web media file formats. See also import.
A countrys exports reflect the value of goods and services that were...
To carry or send abroad, or out of a country, especially to foreign countries, as merchandise or commodities in the way of commerce; -- the opposite of import; as, to export grain, cotton, cattle, goods, etc.
That which is exported; a commodity conveyed from one country or State to another in the way of traffic; -- used chiefly in the plural, exports.
To use NFS software to make all or part of your filesystem available to other users and systems on the network.
In NFS, to make a file system available by a server to a client for mounting.
The /export directory contains the default root of the exported filesystem tree.
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Within the context of a DLL, to make a function or data available for use by application programs or other DLLs. See also: DLL  import
to register a MIB module; the process whereby an SMUX peer informs an SNMP agent that the peer is assuming responsibility for managing a MIB module.
a freight consolidating and a freight forwarding company which can help you locate, purchase, consolidate, pack, and import full containers of home furnishings, accessories, and
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marks the following variables, flagging them to be passed to any child processes and called programs. Korn/Bash enable assignment within the export command: export VAR1=value VAR2=value
add function(s) to the bash environment
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An external file containing a VHost scene or show. No longer connected to the servers at Oddcast, exports can be hosted on private, third-party servers, or published on CD ROMs. This premium feature is available in VHost Studio only.
v.t. symbol in a package) to add the symbol to the list of external symbols of the package.
Water diversion from the Delta used for purposes outside the Delta.
To ship to any point outside the boundaries of the United States.
the sale of electrical energy to Pool Participants outside of the province of Alberta over either the British Columbia or Saskatchewan inter-ties.
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ExpressCard Expression
Process of selecting required documents, to be placed in the Export List, for the purpose of downloading or viewing at a later date (whilst you are still logged on, in your current session, to the Mintel Web site). Export Basket - Temporary store of exported documents displayed. Documents listed here can be viewed or downloaded individually. To View documents placed in the Export Basket, click on the icon.
Click to export the worksheet with the specified settings.
a Brazilian company working as EXCLUSIVE SALES AGENT for some Brazilian factories
The company is engaged upon an export programme in Europe to broaden the market base.
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The act of exporting; exportation; as, to prohibit the export of wheat or tobacco.
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a company located in the South of BRAZIL
Add function(s) to the shell environment, see Section 3.2.1, Section and Section
the section called “Exporting variables
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Querying Records
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Placing of routes from the routing table into a routing protocol.
Transmitting or converting images and or their information.
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To carry away; to remove.