Definitions for "experimental"
Pertaining to experiment; founded on, or derived from, experiment or trial; as, experimental science; given to, or skilled in, experiment; as, an experimental philosopher.
Terms in your insurance contract describing a possible category of excluded services under the plan. Each plan may have different criteria to define what it considers experimental and investigational. This can be challenged.
an unproven (or even untested) technique or procedure; note that certain experimental treatments are commonly used in the management of prostate cancer
Early stages of development. Some have provisional or preliminary recognition, but others do not seek or achieve registry recognition.
Works that seek to expand traditional moving image form, structure, and content; usually subjective in approach, largely non-commercial, and often made by a single filmmaker or a small group. Includes video art and so-called "underground" films. Also known as avant-garde works. For real-time networked media, select Videoconference or webcast.
the stage during which individuals become aware that a substance makes them feel good.
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Not yet proven or available for general use.
This includes care which is under study by scientists, or one not yet proven to be effective. The word experimental is often used differently by insurance companies. If an insurance company believes that a treatment is experimental, they typically refuse to pay for the treatment. Many well accepted treatments are denied by insurance companies on this basis.
uses unusual visual techniques or musical sources -- filters, stills, foreign language lyrics (or no lyrics), deliberate lack of narrative/theme, anything that doesn't fit in the standard definitions.
A general term surrounding electronic music without predefined genres.
Homebuilding, NASA Flight Planning Automated Flight Service Station, Software
A classification of aircraft above that of an ultralight but below that of an airplane.
My personal academic projects that might be useful for anyone who need LANChat application or Similarity measurement with edit distance algorithm.
relying on observation or experiment; "experimental results that supported the hypothesis"
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Known by, or derived from, experience; as, experimental religion.
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relating to or based on experiment; "experimental physics"
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See Experimental method