Definitions for "Expectancy"
That which is expected, or looked or waited for with interest; the object of expectation or hope.
Anticipation of a happening upon which hopes are founded. [D02737] Webster
1. in achievement situations, the perceived probability of success in a particular area. 2. in I/O psychology, the strength of the individual's beliefs about whether a particular outcome is attainable. (399, 664)
The position of being entitled to possession of any property at a future time by virtue of reversion, remainder or death
"n. a possibility of future enjoyment of something one counts on receiving, usually referring to real property or the estate of a deceased person, such as a remainder, reversion, or distribution after the death of someone who has use for life. See also: distribution remainder reversion "
Proceeds from an estate due in the future.
a theory, based on a motorist's "knowledge stores" of driving experiences, that suggests predictable driver responses to familiar situations and settings. Routine experiences, such as sufficient merging space at the end of a freeway ramp, become unconsciously established in the driver's mind - thus creating conflict should the "expectancy" not be met.
Or expected value. Pertaining to a random variable X, for a continuous random variable, the expected value is: E(X) = INTEGRAL(-inf, inf) [X f(X) dX]. The discrete expectation takes a similar form using a summation instead of an integral.
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How much can be expected to be made on the average over many trades. Expectancy is best stated in terms of how much can be made per money risked.
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The act of expecting; expectation.