Definitions for "Exorcist "
Keywords:  evil, demon, conjurer, expel, spirit
One who expels evil spirits by conjuration or exorcism.
A conjurer who can raise spirits.
A person who expels an evil spirit or demon.
Keywords:  rite, priest, laity, conducts, holy
Usually the high priest who conducts an exorcism.
a priest or laity who performs the rite of exorcism
One who conducts the rites of exorcism.
The Exorcist is a system and framework for migrating content between various content repositories.
Framework for migrating and transforming content between various types of content repositories.
one the minor orders in the unreformed Western Church but now suppressed in the Roman Catholic Church
One who performs exorcisms. In most cases, exorcists are ordained ministers of their particular religion.
Keywords:  practices, someone
someone who practices exorcism