Definitions for "Exists"
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EXISTS filename Returns a value of 1 or 0, depending on whether or not a file exists. If the file exists, the script carries out the commands specified by an IF command. e.g. IF EXISTS "C:\ Files\ Log"= 1 THEN GOTO gotlog ENDIF GOTO nolog checks to see if there is a file called ‘Log' in the ‘Files' folder. If there is (i. e. if EXISTS returns a value of 1), the script jumps to the ‘gotlog' label. If there is no such file (and EXISTS returns 0), the script jumps to the ‘nolog' label. EXISTS can also be used to assign a value to a variable. e.g. SEND EXISTS "C:\ Files\ Log" will send 0 or 1 depending on whether or not the file exists, while gotlogfile$= EXISTS "C:\ Files\ Log" sets the value of the string according to the value returned by EXISTS.
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LOGI True means accept if it exists.
Explicit existential quantifier. It consists of one or more variables (Var), each optionally surrounded by a declare role, followed by a logical formula (optionally surrounded by a formula role). (See: quantifier module)
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a paradise of natural beauty and harmony
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