Definitions for "executor"
An individual or institution nominated in a will and appointed by a court to settle the estate of a deceased.
The person appointed by a testator to execute his will, or to see its provisions carried into effect, after his decease.
Also called Personal Representatives. Person named in a will to manage the property of someone who has died. Executors collect and manage the property, pay debts and taxes, and then distribute what's left as specified in the will. Also, Executors handle probate court proceedings and takes care of day-to-day tasks.
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Executor allows you to run Macintosh applications on the PC as well as read and write Mac-formatted high-density floppies, Mac SCSI drives, Mac Zip drives, Mac Jaz drives, and read Mac CDs. Executor uses no software from Apple Computer and doesn't require Mac ROMs or a Mac System file. ARDI's engineers have implemented from scratch most of the operating system calls that MacOS provides.
Executor is software for x86-based PCs that allows older 68k-based Apple Macintosh programs to be run under various x86-based operating systems. Executor was created in 1999 by ARDI (Abacus Research and Development, Inc.).
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An executioner.
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Exec_Shield Exedra
Any dream involving this legal functionary predicts upcoming events of a fortunate nature.
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One who executes or performs; a doer; as, an executor of baseness.
Executor - the java os command execution framework. Project aims to provide a framework for operating system command execution. The goal is to deliver wrappers for many commands around the Runtime.exec call.
a significant responsibility so we are there to inform you, guide you, and assist you throughout the process
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Fair market value
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Fee Simple