Definitions for "EXEC"
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(1) a TSO command for running REXX programs. (2) A REXX program.
The interactive command processor of the Cisco IOS software.
VM procedural languages, now stabilized by IBM. Programs written in EXEC/EXEC2 are known colloquially as EXECs. IBM has been trying for years to persuade users to migrate from EXEC to REXX.
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Invoke subprocess(es).
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a faster, tri-band version of the XDA IIs complete with improved megapixel camera, Wireless LAN and a full QWERTY keyboard
EXEC_LIB EXEC_NAME Used to manage the Amiga exec library. See :Library. The Exec library is opened automatically by JForth.
a behemoth of a device - an unfortunate consequence of its long list of attractive specifications
The Executive - a group elected by the members of ECSU who take on specific responsibilities
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a top-end business handset, and rightfully so
Keywords:  nice, pda, phone, features, good
a very good PDA with some nice features and phone related functions,
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a powerful contender, but fails to meet certain basic requirements
To overlay the current process with another executable program. See also fork.
These functions load and execute a new child process by placing it in memory previously occupied by the parent process. Sufficient memory must be available.
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the section called “General”, the section called “Read and exec
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