Definitions for "Exceptions"
Provisions in trade agreements that provide for rules to deal with special circumstances, such as import or export controls for security reasons. GATT Articles XX and XXI provide for the basic exceptions to the GATT; FTA Chapters Twelve and Twenty provide similar exceptions.
Provides the ability to make changes in a degree audit on a student-by-student basis. Examples include matching transfer courses that have not been articulated, waivers or any number of special circumstances.
Anything that must be handled on a student-by-student basis. These could be matching transfer courses that haven't been articulated, waivers or any number of special circumstances.
(1) specific items set forth in an insurance policy which are not covered by said policy. (2) any item specifically excluded.
are exclusions or conditions where you will not be covered by an insurance policy and any claim that you make will not be paid.
Those matters affecting title to the particular parcel of realty which matters are excluded from coverage of the particular title insurance policy.
Declarations by either side in a civil or criminal case reserving the right to appeal a judge's ruling upon a motion. Also, in regulatory cases, objections by either side to points made by the other side or to rulings by the agency or one of its hearing officers.
Differences listed in a policy which amend the standard declarations so as to provide the required coverage.
Declarations by either side in a case that reserve a right to appeal the judge's ruling upon a motion. Also, in regulatory cases, objections to points made by the other side or to rulings by the agency.
Containers that deviate from their original itinerary and timetable. The IAS Event Analyzer provides exception reporting and can help carriers to analyze past exceptions in order to avoid them in the future.
Events or occurrences that are not considered normal and require further attention.
Notations made on a delivery receipt by the person (or company) receiving a shipment, or made on the bill of lading by the carrier regarding damage or variance in the shipment.
An exception is any delivery in which the receiver or driver notes a problem on the delivery receipt before signing it. Typically, exceptions concern shortages and damages.
Conditions that are unable to be insured, such as encumbrances or liens.
A list of flaws, clouds, encumbrances, uncertainties, or other interests that title insurance will not guarantee that our insured has a priority over.
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Error conditions where invalid or incomplete data is found in EDI transaction set exchanges.
Specific errors generated during program execution. Examples include "divide by zero" and "file not found."
Errors that need to be fixed prior to the time and leave approval process.
Transaction in some way abnormal to the bankcard system, such as questionable charges and chargebacks.
an alternative to the string search method is to search for exceptions. When a virus uses different strings from one infection to another, it becomes difficult to detect by means of the string search method. A specific solution is therefore created that enables the antivirus search engine to detect a particular virus.
Uses of copyright material that are specifically defined in law as not infringing copyright.
Products specifically exempted from an international agreement to liberalize trade through multi-product duty reductions or other commitments. Exceptions are usually made by importing countries to protect workers and firms engaged in production of sensitive products.
Every lending institution has a lending comfort zone, exceptions are conditions that are granted by the lender outside of this zone.
a document filed, usually by an attorney, stating why the recommended Order of the Hearing Officer is not acceptable.