Definitions for "Exceptional"
An accounting term used to describe large, usually one-off, costs or windfalls attributed to a company during a given reporting period. These items can have a dramatic effect on the overall profit or loss of a company.
Term used in accounting that describes a company during a specific period. The report includes windfalls or large costs can affect the company with loss or profit.
Forming an exception; not ordinary; uncommon; rare; hence, better than the average; superior.
surpassing what is common or usual or expected; "he paid especial attention to her"; "exceptional kindness"; "a matter of particular and unusual importance"; "a special occasion"; "a special reason to confide in her"; "what's so special about the year 2000?"
a rare wine of excellence
far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree; "a night of exceeding darkness"; "an exceptional memory"; "olympian efforts to save the city from bankruptcy"; "the young Mozart's prodigious talents"
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A term used to describe the powerful, not necessarily magical items dropped in the nightmare and hell experience levels.
deviating widely from a norm of physical or mental ability; used especially of children below normal in intelligence; "special educational provisions for exceptional children"
Refers to those persons evaluated and found to be either hearing impaired, mentally gifted, mentally retarded, physically handicapped, learning disabled, brain damaged, speech and language impaired, socially and emotionally disturbed, visually impaired, or severely multi-handicapped.
pupil - a pupil whose behavioural, communication, intellectual, physical or multiple exceptionalities are such that he or she is in need of a special education program or services.