Definitions for "EXCEPTION"
A program which did not meet RIF guidelines during the past program year must receive an exception before it can be renewed. Programs which repeatedly fail to meet the guidelines will be withdrawn.
An abnormal condition or error that occurs during the execution of a program and that requires the execution of software outside the normal flow of control. Examples of exceptions are running out of memory, resource allocation errors, and failure to find files. See also C++ exception handling, structured exception handling (SEH).
Any of various situations in which the normal flow of execution of a program is interrupted, with control passing to a system exception handler.
The act of excepting or excluding; exclusion; restriction by taking out something which would otherwise be included, as in a class, statement, rule.
A provision in these regulations which excludes a specific item of dangerous goods from the requirements normally applicable to that item.
an artist's resume, which may run longer as it will contain a list of solo and group exhibitions (and will typically exclude any non-art-related employment) which may be more or less extensive
Notations made when the cargo is received at the carrier's terminal or loaded aboard a vessel. They show any irregularities in packaging or actual or suspected damage to the cargo. Exceptions are then noted on the bill of lading.
A shortage, overage, or damage that occurred to a shipment. These exceptions are noted on COSOs, Bills of Lading, delivery receipts or Terminal Unloading Check Sheets.
A shortage, overage, or damage to a shipment. A notation of such conditions on a freight bill, bill of lading or unloading checksheet.
a beneficiary's request for his or her plan to cover a medically necessary drug that is not on the drug plan's formulary
a document relating to public affairs quoted from by a Minister in the course of a speech which must be presented, if requested by any Member, unless the Minister states it to be of a confidential nature
a subject request for a memorial gift
An objection, oral or written, taken, in the course of an action, as to bail or security; or as to the decision of a judge, in the course of a trail, or in his charge to a jury; or as to lapse of time, or scandal, impertinence, or insufficiency in a pleading; also, as in conveyancing, a clause by which the grantor excepts something before granted.
An objection; cavil; dissent; disapprobation; offense; cause of offense; -- usually followed by to or against.
an object and can contain any information that can be defined within a user-created class
a Class M area where aliens erected a sanctuary for stranded American astronaut Stephen Richey
a class of elongated waveguide antennas in which vertically placed antennas are horizontally polarized
a class that descends from either java
Keywords:  summer, garden, amnisos, reiman, ofa
a new cultivar, 'All Summer Beauty,' which has proven to be hardy at Reiman Gardens
a possible formal garden depicted in the well-known floral fresco from the Minoan villa at Amnisos
a radiant heating system that utilized water warmed by a heat pump--a heat pump can provide cooling in the summer
A pleading that is filed to delay or dismiss a suit without necessarily making a legal appearance before the court.
Not really a defence, but rather a claim or excuse in the nature of a defence, which was made with the intention of stopping a case in its tracks. The "exception of non-numerate money" ( exceptio non numeratae pecuniae) was a claim that the money due to be repaid by a debtor had never been paid, or never properly paid in the first place. The exceptio rei judicatae "the exception of the thing judged" was a claim that the case under consideration had already been tried by a different court. execution a certificate by a law officer that he had served a summons, letter of diligence or some other writ as he had been ordered to do. It was important to get this right, for if the execution wasn't carried out in exactly the right way, the person summoned, etc. could plead an exception
A thing which takes the liberty to differ from other things of its class, as an honest man, a truthful woman, etc. "The exception proves the rule" is an expression constantly upon the lips of the ignorant, who parrot it from one another with never a thought of its absurdity. In the Latin, "_Exceptio probat regulam_" means that the exception _tests_ the rule, puts it to the proof, not _confirms_ it. The malefactor who drew the meaning from this excellent dictum and substituted a contrary one of his own exerted an evil power which appears to be immortal.
an American businessman played vividly by Rick Hoffman, who puts a memorably vicious face on the banality of evil
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a deliberate act of omission; "with the exception of the children, everyone was told the news"
an instance that does not conform to a rule or generalization; "all her children were brilliant; the only exception was her last child"; "an exception tests the rule"
a brilliant, very black comic sketch in which a selfish tax lawyer, played by Shaun, visits his old father, played by Glynn, in a nursing home
A situation or circumstance that does not conform to the standards relative to a store, section configuration, or other components
a contrast enhanced temporal bone CT, which is a very useful exam in specific clinical situations
a defined set of circumstances whereby your normal mode of activity, as implied by the moral order, is overridden because new circumstances create a new moral situation
a pointlike singularity, which is unstable and deforms into a ring or disappears when a small perturbation is applied
a recurring pattern for a few hours after sunset, with observed profiles showing marked distortions which may be related to heterogeneous, isentropic drainage flows amid thermally stable and unstable regimes within the canopy
a locally closed subset of a topological space, which is simply the intersection of an open set and a closed set
a subset of nonobese adults with detectable islet cell cytoplasmic antibodies who carry one of the HLA phenotypes and who may eventually develop type I DM
a very small subset of clones isolated and characterized from the original libraries
Keywords:  perpetuity, consol, bond
a consol bond, which is a perpetuity
a console bond, which is a perpetuity
Keywords:  critical, samir, noam, pinter, chomsky
grounds for adverse criticism; "his authority is beyond exception"
a critical signal called in code when an anticipated (or un-anticipated) failure occurs
a critical statement by the International Committee for Transition to Democracy in Iran signed by Samir Amin, Noam Chomsky, Harold Pinter, and Edward Said, among others, cited above
Keywords:  prisonplanet
a PrisonPlanet
a recent article in The Economic Journal that explores the relationship between housing and business formation in the United Kingdom (Black, et al
a recent plan proposed by Jeffrey Liebman, Maya MacGuineas and Andrew Samwick
a recent result that designing an optimal linear
a carefully composed interview , in which a list of questions is acceptable
an interview with a nun who has decided to "assume a missionary position in Bangkok" - it's no less juvenile than anything else, but it is side-splitting)
a complex allegory, John Brown's Grave, A Study , c
a study by Tierney et al
a study of intra-faith Christian marriages by Michael Lawlor of the Creighton University Center for Marriage and Family in Omaha NE
Keywords:  shafrazi, chelsea, ambitious, tony, aug
an ambitious gathering of portraits at Tony Shafrazi in Chelsea through Aug
a maternity patient of record in the health district who has an emergency problem and requires acute dental care
a patient in whom gross hematuria can be ascribed to a documented acute urinary tract infection (cystitis)
a pleasingly incendiary dish called chilorio, consisting of peppery pork chunks mixed with green peppers and kidney beans, trimmed with a lattice of red pepper strips, with two steamed, homemade flour tortillas alongside for dipping or filling
An exception to an exclusion restores coverage taken away by the exclusion. An exception to an exclusion cannot create coverage for a loss not covered by the insuring agreement of the policy.
An exclusion from coverage in a policy of insurance, usually referring to a known risk or defect for which the insurer assumes no responsibility.
See exclusion.
an Australian species of bullhead shark known as the Port Jackson Shark ( Heterodontus portusjacksoni )
a man with a low, wonderfully resonant voice, somewhat like James Earl Jones', who speaks about how physical punishment creates rebellion and the desire for vengeance
an early set of Guidelines of which I was the primary drafter
a set of specimens from the lowland rainforest of the Osa Peninsula
Data in your result set which falls outside of a set of criteria set by you.
That which is excepted or taken out from others; a person, thing, or case, specified as distinct, or not included; as, almost every general rule has its exceptions.
a case described recently by former NASA scientist Richard Haines
a case in which an unpressurized liquid is stored in a tank, and the hole in the tank wall is above the liquid level
"Exception" is a pop rock song recorded by the Swedish pop/rock music singer Ana Johnsson. The song was released as second single from her second studio album Little Angel on October 11 2006. Her official Swedish website also posted that the song it to be the theme song to the Swedish thriller movie Exit, which premiered October 6, 2006 in Sweden.
a boarding race, especially a Bulrathi/Elerian hybrid that can turn ships against the foe, then bring them back for scrapping
a young orphan named Sean (Vincent Winter), who is excited by the presence of strangers and does what he can to help
A specific circumstance where prohibited activity would be allowed within an inventoried roadless area that is otherwise subject to the prohibitions in the alternatives.
Under the Advisory Guidelines, a recognized category of commonly recurring facts or circumstances that may justify a departure from the amount or duration of spousal support that would otherwise be determined under the formulas.
a rhabdomyosarcoma arising within the biliary tree, but even at that location, total resection is rarely feasible
a sheen caused by outboard motors
a subgroup known as Geographic Atrophy, which can cause profound visual loss
a young woman named Kaena, who has explored more than most of her fellow citizens, and realizes that there is something else out there
A connectivity advertisement in a PNNI complex node representation that represents something other than the default node representation.
Keywords:  sharbata, khan, pickup, truck, driver
a pickup-truck driver by the name of Sharbata Khan
an approved deviation from a DOE Safeguards and Security directive requirement that creates a safeguards and security vulnerability
A deviation from a provision of the IRP agreement by a member jurisdiction, which has been approved by all member jurisdictions.
a wheelchair made in Cambodia that has only one castor wheel in the front
a SAS file in the USER library
A provision in a copyright law permitting the use of a work by defined user groups without the consent of its creator and without the payment of royalties which use would otherwise be an infringement of copyright. Examples of user groups benefiting from exceptions are educational institutions, libraries, museums, archives and persons with a perceptual disability.
Keywords:  latuff, carlos, brazil, entry, right
an entry by Carlos Latuff of Brazil, which you can see to your right
a cliffhanger, where you end the chapter abruptly at a suspenseful part and begin the next chapter at the exact point where the other one ended
Keywords:  icmp, rad, inbound, firewall, rapid
rapid application development (RAD)
a bag-of-tasks application
an allow inbound traffic rule Windows Firewall will apply to an application, ICMP traffic (e
a presswood pallet of wood fiber and synthetic resins molded in a high heat and pressure process that burns out any infestation
Keywords:  egmont, ltd, towing, sorting, lot
a long term lease of a water-lot to Egmont Towing and Sorting Ltd
Keywords:  arp, router, hops, static, destination
an ARP entry for an interface-based static IP route that goes to a destination that is one or more router hops away
a piece of network equipment, such as a network router, switch, or printer, that you know does not require an agent
Keywords:  afro, borough, church, ties, american
a number of the Afro-American church communities that have long ties to the borough
Keywords:  famine, netherlands, took, war, little
a little-known famine that took place in the Netherlands at the end of the Second World War
Formatting that highlights data meeting certain criteria you define. For example, you can highlight names of sales people exceeding their quotas in blue. Oracle Discoverer enables you to display several exceptions at once.
an amphibious assault, in which sea combat must be handled before land combat
a small area of the Well unit that supports a Needlegrass-Mixed Scrub association
Keywords:  heckel, single, page
a single page by Heckel
a regional aggregation assembled for the seven metropolitan counties by MetroGIS
In PeopleSoft Receivables, an item that either is a deduction or is in dispute.
a friend of mine who donates as many items as she acquires
a special set of springs available from SafariGard
a special transition indicating an abnormal behaviour
Keywords:  urethane, columbia, usa, curing, river
a model derived for the Columbia River system, USA
a moisture curing urethane system
a magazine or newspaper article written by an unnamed staff reporter
Keywords:  constructor, bonus, members, goal, team
a bonus given to all team members based on meeting a certain goal
a copy constructor, which will directly copy source members instead
a North American genus of three-toed woodpeckers consisting of two members
A timestamp that does not conform to the calendar pattern but that is significant for the calendar definition. There are two kinds of exceptions: off-exceptions and on-exceptions. (See the glossary definitions for each.)
Keywords:  peaberry, fruit, seed, single, develops
a peaberry, which is when a single seed develops in the fruit
a construction contract where the parties know the building will be transferred to a purchaser or tenant where the party to the contract can sue the contractor on behalf of the purchaser or tenant unless the latter has been given collateral warranties
a deeply in-the-money put option where the inability to exercise early and earn interest on the proceeds means that the option's value is the intrinsic value times the discount factor
a nonobject type with a name and optional fields, like a C structure
Keywords:  unintentional, false, catch, hot, zone
a False Start resulting in an unintentional catch in the Hot Zone
Keywords:  checklist, progress, bar, step, total
a progress bar that measures the total time or work of the current step in a progress checklist
Keywords:  thankful, modest, reader, story, gift
a modest gift from a thankful reader who received no economic benefit from the publication of a story
Keywords:  spectra, exhibits, gas, pressure, low
a gas at low pressure which also exhibits "line spectra" (i
a permit violation
a row in a table that violates an integrity constraint
a PDA phone, which more closely resembles a PDA on steroids than a cell phone
Keywords:  covenant, compete
a covenant not to compete
Keywords:  denial, defense, avoidance, demand
a defense, other than a denial or an avoidance of the demand
Keywords:  raid, redundant, array, hardware, disks
a configuration that uses hardware redundant array of independent disks (RAID)
an aesthetic awareness in which there is no consciousness of the self - say in a group experience or music
Keywords:  farmer, gun, aircraft, anti, handed
an anti-aircraft gun handed over by a farmer
Keywords:  logo, bottle, font, drink, script
a logo/name where the logo is the script font such as the trade name of a popular soft drink in a uniquely shaped bottle
a distribution that is properly rolled over as discussed next under Rollover
a deduction for which we can never display an actual example satisfying its hypothesis but can show only the existence of a set satisfying it
Keywords:  fence, chain, link
a chain-link fence
a proceeding which sometimes relieves the defendant from the risk of having judgment rendered against him, and sometimes diminishes the amount of the judgment
a permission form for the student to be enrolled in a course different than their placement indicates
See exception condition.
a condition in the current software and/or hardware state that should be noted or fixed
a stated use permitted by the zoning by-laws, but contingent upon approval of the Board of Appeals and upon such conditions as may be stated by the by-laws
Keywords:  snaps, offensive, player, ball
The offensive player who snaps the ball.
a patent awarded in a European Union state, which is automatically valid throughout the EU
a labeled block, which has no keyword, and should be specified with just a colon
Keywords:  incision, nose, lip, above, small
a small incision made at the base of the nose just above the lip
Keywords:  easements, item, title, cloud, article
an item, which may "cloud" the title and prevent the seller from passing "clear" title on to a buyer
An item that may not be covered by title insurance because it limits in some way the owner's right to his or her property. Exceptions may include easements, liens, and deed restrictions.... read full article
a stored-value card, for which the cardholder has no deposit account
A specific and limited exception to the general right of access to records in the custody and control of institutions because of information contained in them.
Keywords:  faults, related, group
A group of related faults.
a secured creditor with whom you have made arrangements to retain secured property as described above
A difference listed in a policy, which amends the standard declarations, so as to provide the required coverage.
a California student who is limited to six hours of prior learning credit according to California regulations
Keywords:  processor, safety, feature
a safety feature on a processor
Keywords:  clause, deed
a clause in a deed,
Keywords:  publicly, first, company, filing, time
a company that is filing publicly for the first time
Keywords:  fast, filtering, simple, technique
a simple and fast filtering technique shown in
a value that is defined regardless of one of the values, for example zero divided by missing is zero
a commodity futures transaction, where one investor gains at the expense of the other
Keywords:  acronym, letter, ending
an acronym ending in the letter s
a sale of a partnership holding US real estate
Keywords:  numeric, field
a numeric ID field
Keywords:  babies, pair, care, bonded, may
a bonded pair may be kept to care for its babies
Keywords:  quantity, agree, future, buy, sell
a futures contract, in which two parties agree with each other either to buy or sell a specified quantity of goods in the future at a fixed price
Keywords:  repair, wire, inside, serving, separate
a separate charge for the repair of inside wire and this is applicable only in the serving areas of those companies where the responsibility for inside wire has been transferred to the customer
Keywords:  drive, install, hard
a HARD DRIVE install
a formal decision by the plan to cover your medication or reduce your co-payment
a showing of binding contracts calling for immediate trade
Process of changing a requirement to fit individual students needs.
Keywords:  reservation, top, back, see
(See Reservation.) Back to the Top
Keywords:  lien, first, lender, making, loans
a lender making only first lien loans
a certificate issued for a certain period with specific requirements
Keywords:  home, mortgage
a home mortgage