Definitions for "eXcavator "
Keywords:  dig, backhoe, cab, pivot, boom
One who, or that which, excavates or hollows out; a machine, as a dredging machine, or a tool, for excavating.
A hydraulically operated, boom equipped digging machine, most commonly track mounted, which can build full-benched logging roads with little to no sidecast loss.
A horsepower or steam-power machine for digging, moving, or transporting earth, loose gravel, sand, or any kind of soil.
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eXcavator is an XML query processing class for PHP. Queries are constructed using a small query language, and query results are returned as either loosely formed or strict XML, in formats suitable for both text and HTML.
eXcavator is an XML query processing class for PHP. It uses a small query language analgous to Xpath/Xquery and returns query results in formats suitable for text and html; it will format results with user-defined templates for all text-based output.
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Excedrin Exceed
a workman who excavates for foundations of buildings or for quarrying