Definitions for "Exarch"
referring to cells differentiating towards the outside of the stem, contrasting with endarch.
a type of xylem maturation in which protoxylem is external to metaxylem and development prodeeds centripetally (from the outside in); for comparison see endarch and mesarch
Where the maturation and development of the xylem strand is centripetal or 'from the outside inwards'. In this case the small xylem cells that are the first to differentiate and mature (the protoxylem) are peripheral to the later developed, longer metaxylem cells.
A viceroy; in Ravenna, the title of the viceroys of the Byzantine emperors; in the Eastern Church, the superior over several monasteries; in the modern Greek Church, a deputy of the patriarch , who visits the clergy, investigates ecclesiastical cases, etc.
A Byzantine governor of a foreign province.
a bishop inferior to a patriarch and superior to a metropolitan; a deputy of a patriarch, usually holding the rank of bishop
a valuable addition to a squad, as its higher skill can help the squad stand its ground
a valuable addition to a squad of Banshees, as their high leadership and extra attack will come in very handy during an assault