Definitions for "Evaporator"
An apparatus for condensing vegetable juices, or for drying fruit by heat.
The portion of a refrigeration system in which the refrigerant evaporates and thus absorbs heat.
Equipment or device that extracts or drives out vapors from liquid solutions or gases. Also, equipment that is part of refrigerating systems to permit liquid refrigerants to evaporate in the process of absorbing heat.
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kettle or pan to boil down the sap
Maple Sugaring equipment used to "evaporate" the water from the sap that has been collected. When the sap is boiled, it is channeled down through the evaporator pan, reaching the correct temperature. It is now "drawn off" as syrup. An evaporator is either wood fired or as ours - oil fired.
a device for removing excess water from the sap, and making it into syrup, by boiling
Haihdutin Indunstnings apparat (Indunstare) Process unit which evaporates e.g. spent liquor today by falling film principle.
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Exhaust manifold Exhaust port
a piece of semiconductor equipment used to perform evaporation.
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Any device designed to evaporate a fluid.