Definitions for "Evangelization"
The preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Often we speak about evangelization by word (testimony) and evangelization by action (witness). Traditionally we think of evangelization as pertaining to foreign missions in non-Christian countries, but in recent years the Pope has pointed out that many traditionally Christian countries (i.e., US and Western Europe) have become so secularized (indifferent to religious values) that a re-evangelization or "New Evangelization" of these areas is also necessary.
An essential element of parish life which encompasses any way in which the parish continues to spread the good news of Jesus, especially, although not exclusively, through personal and corporate sharing of faith.
The activity by which the church proclaims the gospel in word and in deed. ( Also the period in which the Inquirers are prepared for the catechumenate ).
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The act of evangelizing; the state of being evangelized.