Definitions for "Evaluation Plan"
The O-AIM includes the development of a plan to measure the process of the intervention and the success of achieving the specific outcomes. This evaluation plan includes the identification of measurable indicators, data elements, data sources, collection timing, collection tools and methods, data analysis, data storage, and reporting frequency. See also Outcome-Asset Impact Model (O-AIM)
Developed annually, the results evaluation plan focuses on at least one strategy and/or component program(s) described in the annual plan. For each strategy being evaluated, the evaluation plan describes processes and outcomes used to assess changes in individuals, families, and/or the community; methods to document collaborative development and systems change; and intentions to report and use findings.
an important part of a web development strategy, and should be updated periodically
a framework for collecting, analysing and reporting data
a written document that states the objectives of the evaluation, the questions that will be answered, the information that will be collected to answer these questions, and when collection of information will begin and end
a description of the evaluation process
A written document describing the overall approach or design that will be used to guide an evaluation. It includes what will be done, how it will be done, who will do it, when it will done, and why the evaluation is being conducted.
A short description of the main elements of an evaluation study to be conducted.