Definitions for "EVAC"
Fully automatically counter-attack strike back to intruder. Precision incoming and outgoing watch gate, much customizable.Intelligent response of violations. Auto configure user firewall online. Stop intrusion, spywares, and malwares attacks when onlineee
This is a text-based game where one has to adventure through a portion of a cave trying to get to the O at the end while tricking enemies and avoiding traps along the way. The game has an infinite number of levels and is highly captivating.
Evacuation team or plan. If hostages or innocents -or wounded team members need to get pulled out of a residence, there is seldom time to sit around and talk about it; an evac team and plan will be part of the SOP and the briefing
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evacuation Fahrenheit
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Evac (Live Convoy in Japan) is a fictional character from the series toy line and animated series.
A system which ROOMS uses to manage the behavior of objects in a ROOMS world. EVAC takes its name from EVent-ACtion, because all object behavior is described in terms of an action (like motion, sound or file open) in response to an event (like select-with-cursor or collision).