Definitions for "Europe"
a continent north of Africa and west of Asia.
the 2nd smallest continent (actually a vast peninsula of Eurasia); the British use `Europe' to refer to all of the continent except the British Isles
the nations of the European continent collectively; "the Marshall Plan helped Europe recover from World War II"
A nominal extension of Belgium. Not much is known in Belgium about what lies out there, except that it periodically comes to Belgium and is generally full of foreigners. Europe does provide a useful theme for Belgian souvenir shops, in the absence of a well entrenched national image that can be sold as dolls, t-shirts, teaspoons etc.
The Europe is a one-person dinghy designed in Belgium in 1960 by Alois Roland as a class legal Moth dinghy. The design later changed into its own one-design class.
Denmark** Copenhagen (Copenhagen Airport)* France** Paris (Charles de Gaulle International Airport)* Germany**Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt International Airport)* Greece** Athens (Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport)* Italy** Rome (Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport)* Netherlands** Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport)* Switzerland**Zurich (Zurich International Airport) Direct or via Manchester*United Kingdom** London (London Heathrow Airport)** Manchester (Manchester International Airport) Direct or via Zurich Singapore Airlines frequently codeshares with British Midland and Lufthansa for internal European flights; Virgin Atlantic Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Air New Zealand and Air Canada on flights to Singapore.
a recently formed sister organization to EYA Canada that is You will receive a stipend while in Canada
European Space Agency (ESA) 8–10 rue Mario Nikis 75738 Paris, Cedex 15, France
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a great game, a very "hard" one
Europe is a Swedish hard rock band originally assembled as a progressive rock group; they later added keyboards to their sound in order to soften it, in hopes of gaining radio airplay. Europe’s sound substantially influenced the power metal genre.
Europe is the first album by Swedish hard rock band Europe. It was released on February 24, 1983, by Hot Records.
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"Europe" is a short story by Henry James first published in Scribner's Magazine in June, 1899. In his preface to the story in the New York Edition (1907–1909) of his fiction, James says he got one hint for this domestic tragicomedy from a visit to an elderly lady who largely lived in her recollections of an early trip to Europe. James later heard about her aging daughters who had never been to Europe and much regretted the fact.
an international supplier specialist in Indutrial goods and Toolings, with more than ten years of experience resources of bicycle parts and accessories resources of bicycle parts and accessories Boer Goats from Oklahoma's Rocking BW Ranch
a technical resource on engineered wood products
a very young organisation and had some problems going through the transitional period
To dream of traveling in Europe, foretells that you will soon go on a long journey, which will avail you in the knowledge you gain of the manners and customs of foreign people. You will also be enabled to forward your financial standing. For a young woman to feel that she is disappointed with the sights of Europe, omens her inability to appreciate chances for her elevation. She will be likely to disappoint her friends or lover.
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an international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation among its members; "he took Britain into Europe"
an example for the world in implementing common environmental policies
A civilized, advanced part of the world where genocidal wars of "ethnic cleansing" take place every three or four years.
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a Foundation registered in Malta
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One of the races in Command Under Attack. Europeans have a 25% attack bonus, making them fearsome in battle.
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a cohort-based global program for mid-career
a key component in helping us to maintain our market leadership position in midrange storage
an active association of vendors, channel partners and end users
a small group of highly skilled management consultants, with a specialisation in the retail motor industry
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a whole different ball of wax
a membership organisation for Customer Education and Training Managers of hardware and software companies
an affiliate of the Software Publishers Association in the United States, the international trade association for personal computer software
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a bank authorised and
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