Definitions for "Ethos"
Keywords:  wels, pathos, kislev, thos, ethics
The character, sentiment, or disposition of a community or people, considered as a natural endowment; the spirit which actuates manners and customs; also, the characteristic tone or genius of an institution or social organization.
The traits in a work of art which express the ideal or typic character -- character as influenced by the ethos (sense 1) of a people -- rather than realistic or emotional situations or individual character in a narrow sense; -- opposed to pathos.
a positive climate that reflects the school's commitment to high standards of achievement, an effective learning environment, good relationships and an equality of opportunity for all pupils. The school's culture focuses on raising expectations.
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The totality of the distinctive ways of living that separate one group of people from another, especially their values.
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See under Persona
The internal social context of a work of literature, comprising the characterization and setting of fictional literature and the relation of the author to his reader or audience in thematic literature.
Keywords:  stance, philosophical, value
Philosophical value or stance.