Definitions for "Estuarine"
Pertaining to an estuary; estuary.
'… a semi-enclosed or periodically closed coastal body of water in which the aquatic environment is affected by the physical and chemical characteristics of both fluvial [freshwater] and marine systems' ( Edgar et al. 1999).
Concerning an estuary, the part of an inlet or waterway that meets the sea and is subject to tidal movements. The water is usually brackish - a mixture of salt and fresh water.
Keywords:  thriving, living
Present, living or thriving in an estuary.
Keywords:  landscape, containing
a landscape containing an estuary or estuaries..
Keywords:  adj, deposited, formed
adj. Formed or deposited in an estuary.
Keywords:  relating, formed
of or relating to or found in estuaries
of, relating to, or formed in an estuary.
Keywords:  referring
referring to an estuary
having to do with or found in an estuary