Definitions for "Estoppel"
A stop; an obstruction or bar to one's alleging or denying a fact contrary to his own previous action, allegation, or denial; an admission, by words or conduct, which induces another to purchase rights, against which the party making such admission can not take a position inconsistent with the admission.
The agency by which the law excludes evidence to dispute certain admissions, which the policy of the law treats as indisputable.
An impediment that prevents a person from asserting or doing something contrary to his own previous assertion or act.
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Certificate - An instrument executed by a note payor setting forth the status of and the Copyright 2002-2006 NoteBuy - a division of GoGuys, Inc. balance due on the promissory note as of the date of the execution of the certificate.
a primary step a mortage or trust deed investor MUST take to protect himself
Usually used when a property is being refinanced or sold, typically a form which the tenant signs verifying the lease terms, rental amount, security deposit, and if there are outstanding issues which might be important to a lender or buyer.
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The blockage of placing a lien on a property.
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In the case of estoppel, the client gives up a right as a result of his or her actions without intending to give it up.