Definitions for "Estate"
Settled condition or form of existence; state; condition or circumstances of life or of any person; situation.
A person of high rank.
A property which a person possesses; a fortune; possessions, esp. property in land; also, property of all kinds which a person leaves to be divided at his death.
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The state; the general body politic; the common-wealth; the general interest; state affairs.
Land over which farming, forestry and shooting activities take place
A type of farm, but often associated with wealth and land.
To dream that you come into the ownership of a vast estate, denotes that you will receive a legacy at some distant day, but quite different to your expectations. For a young woman, this dream portends that her inheritance will be of a disappointing nature. She will have to live quite frugally, as her inheritance will be a poor man and a house full of children.
The great classes or orders of a community or state (as the clergy, the nobility, and the commonalty of England) or their representatives who administer the government; as, the estates of the realm (England), which are (1) the lords spiritual, (2) the lords temporal, (3) the commons.
Bottled Wine bottled on the estate where it has been made.
A term that has very specific meaning here in the United States. An Estate bottled wine must come from vineyards that the winery owns or has a long term lease, and the vineyard and winery are located in the same geographical area.
A term used in th U.K. for cars with a roofline extending to the rear of the vehicle, synonymous with the American 'station wagon'. Subsequently used by Buick for their ' Estate Wagon' model line.
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To endow with an estate.
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Any interest, charge, right, title, claim, demand, lien or encumbrance at law or in equity.
An interest in land.
1) In law, one of the various interests in land. 2) The net worth of an individual's worldly goods.
Social standing or rank; quality; dignity.
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The holding of a junior noble. A Banner is made up of a number of Estates.
housing development, subdivision
An estate (or housing estate) (mostly UK) refers to a defined area of housing, usually in a common style or built during the same period.
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To establish.
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Estate Planning