Definitions for "Est"
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Expressed Sequence Tag. Randomly selected, partial cDNA sequence; represents it's corresponding mRNA. dbEST is a large database of ESTs at GenBank, NCBI.
Expressed sequence tags: Short (300-500 bp) single-pass sequences from mRNA (cDNA). They represent a snapshot of genes that are expressed at a given developmental stage and/or in a given tissue.
expressed sequence tag fertility; phenylalanine
Electronic Shipping Tools. The software system made available under license by Canada Post or a third party shipping system approved by Canada Post, which allows for automated preparation of shipping documentation including labels and contains other features to facilitate shipping with Canada Post, and which is further described on the website. (Outils électroniques d'expédition – OEE)
Electronic Shipping Tools. A software package designed specifically for business customers. The software automates the preparation of orders ( Statements of Mailing), Manifests or labels. Business customers can choose either preparing and submitting forms on-line, or downloading and printing the desktop version. (Outils électroniques d'expédition – OEE)
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A popular human potential seminar, founded by Werner Erhardt, with roughly 700,000 participants from 1971-1991.
See Werner Erhard (sic?)
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Evaluation and Selection Team
Environmental Support Team
Emergency/Salvage Tender
standard time in the 5th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 75th meridian; used in the eastern United States
Eastern Standard Time
astern tandard ime, time zone in which Zeus Productions exists, in the Eastern United States, same as NYC. One (1) hour later than CST, two (2) hours later than MST, and three (3) hours later than PST. Five (5) hours earlier than GMT. See EDT.
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Energy Saving Trust. Not for profit organisation funded by the Department for Transport, Scottish Executive and the Welsh Assembly Government.
Elective Share Trust. In Florida, a trust created for the benefit of the decedent's surviving spouse. This trust can hold all or a portion of the surviving spouse's elective share. The trust must pay all out net income to the surviving spouse or allow the surviving spouse to have use of the trust's property until death.
Energy Savings Trust
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Estonia, Estonian[ edit] - feminine (word gender) FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Estonia, Estonian[ edit] – of feminine gender
Electronic Spark Timing (GM)
Electronic Spark Timing. ECM-controlled timing of ignition spark. ƒfƒXƒr‚Ƀ_ƒCƒAƒtƒ‰ƒ€‚ª‚È‚¢ê‡‚Í“dŽq§Œä‚³‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚é‚Æ‚Ý‚Ä‚æ‚¢‚3/4‚낤B yEmulsificationz–¶–A‰»‚Æ‚Å‚à‚¢‚¤‚©‚»‚̉ß'öB
Estuarine Habitat. Includes uses of water that support estuarine ecosystems. These uses include, but are not limited to, preservation or enhancement of estuarine habitats, vegetation, fish, shellfish, or wildlife (e.g., estuarine mammals, waterfowl, shorebirds).
uary—Brackish-water areas influenced by the tides and located where the mouth of a river meets the sea.
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engagement skills trainer fire
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Nausea X1
Environmentally Sound Technologies. Those technologies which protect the environment, produce less pollutants, and conserve resources, result in recyclable waste and products, and offer better waste disposal potential than the technologies they replace.
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See earliest start time.
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estate body