Definitions for "Essential Tremor"
A movement disorder that produces uncontrollable trembling, usually in the hands.
a tremor that is associated with purposeful movement or motor activity
A common, slowly and variably progressive neurologic movement disorder characterized by involuntary, rhythmic, "back and forth" movements (i.e., tremor) of a body part or parts. In ET patients, tremor is primarily a "postural" or "kinetic" tremor or may be a combination of both types: i.e., tremor occurs while voluntarily maintaining a fixed position against gravity (postural tremor) and/or when conducting self-directed, targeted actions (kinetic intention tremor). In many individuals with ET, both hands are affected, although the condition may sometimes initially be noted in the dominant hand. ET also frequently affects the head, with tremor occurring in a "no-no" horizontal pattern in about three quarters of patients and the remainder affected by vertical "yes-yes" tremors. Less commonly, patients have tremor involving the voice, tongue, or roof of the mouth (palate), leading to impaired articulation of speech (dysarthria). Rarely, tremor may affect the trunk or lower limbs, particularly with advanced stages of disease. ET may appear to occur randomly for unknown reasons (sporadically) or be transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait.