Definitions for "Escapement"
When mature salmon successfully pass through the fisheries, and return to their rivers of origin to spawn.
The incoming river run portion of a salmon population that has escaped ocean harvest.
Fish that avoid or escape all fisheries and return to spawn at their home stream
The contrivance in a timepiece which connects the train of wheel work with the pendulum or balance, giving to the latter the impulse by which it is kept in vibration; -- so called because it allows a tooth to escape from a pallet at each vibration.
That portion of the movement that allows the motive power of the watch to "escape" slowly and in a regulated fashion, thus keeping time.
The means or device which regulates the release of the power of a timepiece to it's pendulum or balance.
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in a gravity or power operated package conveyor, a device to permit the release of packages one at a time on demand.
The mechanism in a piano that allows the hammer to escape" after a string has been struck, so leaving the string to vibrate. Double escapement allows a hammer to strike a second time without waiting for the key to rise to its normal position of rest.
Also called Letoff. The release of the force pushing on the hammer right before the hammer strikes the strings.
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See HMI.
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Way of escape; vent.
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The act of escaping; escape.