Definitions for "ERV"
Expiratory reserve volume. the difference between normal breathing out and maximal breathing out
the difference between FRC and RV. This is the maximal amount of air that can be expired starting at FRC.
Energy Recovery Ventilator is a device that preheats incoming outside air during the winter and pre-cools incoming air during the summer to reduce the impact of heating and or cooling the indoor air.
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endogenous retrovirus
Expected Run Value. An acronym for Expected Run Value, ERV is the unit of value in the PROTRADE baseball system. It refers to the change in the number of runs that a team is expected to score based on an action. An inning begins with an expected run value of approximately .5 runs. If, for example, the first walks, the expected run value is now about .9 runs. The difference between the state after the at-bat and before it (.9-.5 = .4) is the ERV on the play. The ERV is allocated among the participants (in this case, the batter and pitcher). Also, see "Value allocation."
Estimated Rental Values. An estimate of the rental which a property is likely to command in the open market at a given time.
estimated rental value