Definitions for "Erection"
The act of erecting, or raising upright; the act of constructing, as a building or a wall, or of fitting together the parts of, as a machine; the act of founding or establishing, as a commonwealth or an office; also, the act of rousing to excitement or courage.
State of being stretched to stiffness; tension.
The state of a body part which, from having been soft, has become hard and swollen by the accumulation of blood in the erectile tissue; -- used especially of the penis; as, to get or have an erection.
Parenchyma Urology Patella
Ointments Urology
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The on site assembling of pre-fabricated components to form the complete structure.
The assembling of the members of a bridge in the field and making the necessary permanent connections.
Assembling of exhibit properties. SEE I&D.
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a Felony," where the character really gets a chance to talk, I thought of Mitchell's very first Joe Gould piece in The New Yorker, where the character recreates his life story
a natural state, and is generally brought on by thoughts of a sexual nature
a thought and the orgasm an act of imagination
a complex event that requires the interaction of the brain,
a coordination of the neurological, endocrine, and vascular systems
a vascular event initiated by neuronal action and maintained by a complex interplay between the central nervous system and local factors
a complex action in which blood circulation, nerves and emotional factors are also impotence fact male impotence in woman important
a neurovascular phenomenon requiring intact pudendal and cavernous nerves, arteries, and veins
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a flagpole on your grave
an involuntary action controlled by the autonomic nervous system which consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways
an involuntary reaction in response to sexual, psychological, sensory and nerve stimulation
The state of being erected, lifted up, built, established, or founded; exaltation of feelings or purposes.
Trent manages delivery to site on a just-in-time basis so that the component can be lifted directly into its final position.
A generic term for deck houses and superstructures.
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Anything erected; a building of any kind.
a kind of achievement
an automatic response to a stimulus of some kind
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Nausea Viruses
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Setting of large stones usually with a crane.
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When the Japanese vote.
The on-site assembly of pre-engineered components to form complete structure.
The placing in position and fixing of fabricated members on site to form the building framework.
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a structure that has been erected
Process of building a structure.
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the act of building or putting up
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a natural part of life