Definitions for "equity"
Equality of rights; natural justice or right; the giving, or desiring to give, to each man his due, according to reason, and the law of God to man; fairness in determination of conflicting claims; impartiality.
A system of jurisprudence, supplemental to law, properly so called, and complemental of it.
The fair market value of a home minus the unpaid mortgage principal and liens. You build up equity in a home as you pay down your mortgage and as the property value increases. Also called the lendable value or net value.
Equity has a variety of meanings in the financial world. 1. In stocks it refers...
The risk-sharing part of a company's capital, usually referred to as ordinary shares.
Ownership capital in property that is not borrowed funds.
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Security embodying a share in the capital of a public limited company. It entitles the holder to membership rights (voting rights, the right to receive information) and economic rights (right to participate commensurately in profits, subscription rights in the case of capital increases).
Your “share” of any pot. For example, if the pot is $100 and you have a 50% chance of winning it, you have $50 equity in the pot.
The amount you can win from a given pot. Let's say there is a $100 pot. A 50% chance of winning gives you $50 equity in the pot.
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Short for British Actors' Equity (or American Actor's Equity Association, founded in 1913, is the labor union representing actors and stage managers in the legitimate theatre in the United States. ). The trade union of actors, directors, designers and stage managers. (http
Actors Equity Association (AEA) Union representing stage actors.
see AEA
Relates to providing care that does not vary in quality because of personal characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, geographic location, and socioeconomic status.
in the environmental sense, the planned dispersement of toxic or waste facilities in regions throughout the socioeconomic strata.
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Wealth accumulated by an investment fund.
owner's investment in a firm. Includes profits from the firm that have not been paid out but have been retained in the business to fund growth.
cash investment (as opposed to mortgage debt) in a project. Sweat equity is the investment of the occupants' own labor in rehabilitation work.
equity - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Freedom from bias or favoritism; dealing fairly with all concerned.
Sometimes referred to as the fourth 'E' alongside Economy, Effectiveness and Efficiency, Equity is concerned with ensuring that the extent and costs of services are fairly divided among the recipients.
a principle which requires that people management is based on the same principles across the APS to ensure that individuals are treated fairly, reasonably and impartially, and that outcomes indicate progress in employment for different EEO groups.
A sentencing principle, based upon concerns with social equality, which holds that similar crimes should be punished with the same degree of severity, regardless of the social or personal characteristics of offenders.
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to perform, or to abstain or desist from, some act.
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equity kicker equity multiplier
That realm of the law in which the judge is able to issue a remedy that will either prevent or cure the wrong that is about to happen; for example, an injunction against an illegal strike by a union.
Equity_loan Equivariant
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A remainder on a loan account with account of profit /loss gained for the current session.
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Wikipedia Definition: Equity
In some jurisdictions, there are either traditions or legislated rules of equity in terms of equality of access to scarce and common facilities.
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A buyer's initial and increasing ownership rights in a house as he/she pays off the mortgage; buyer has 100 percent equity when the mortgage is paid in full.
As you pay your mortgage every month, you may build equity. Equity is the portion of your home that actually belongs to you.
See Equity Release mortgage for detailed definition.
An equitable claim; an equity of redemption; as, an equity to a settlement, or wife's equity, etc.
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Mutuals Unit-linked endowment
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Event driven
All citizens have equal access to educational, economic development and cultural opportunities.
The amount in a customer’s account calculated as if all the opened positions will liquidate at the current market quotes.
The percentage due from lender to client upon collection of bill, calculated as the amount collected less the contracted advance.
Equity - rest of money in the trading account, considered in currency of the insurance deposit.
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Power of a judge to order people to do or not to do defined acts.
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