Definitions for "EPS "
EPS is a set of API for parsing email messages. It is fast, thread-safe, understands content types and MIME, and has been extensively tested. It features re-entry routines to cut down on memory allocation and de-allocation.
Earnings Per Share. Total earnings divided by the weighted-average of the number of common shares outstanding. Earnings per share can be stated for a specific period of time, such as quarterly.
Generic term referring to polymers of varying chemical composition that are excreted outside the cell. Synonymous with exopolysaccharide, exocellular polymer, extracellular polymer, exopolymer. Term does not distinguish between bound polymer (capsule) and polymer excreted into the surrounding environment. In biofilms, EPS may refer to the polymers that extend between cells, forming a matrix and anchoring the cells to each other and to the substratum. ( See glycocalyx.)
Expandable Polystyrene
See Expanded polystyrene
expanded polystyrene (foamed polystyrene)
Exopolysaccharide ( see Microbiology)
Extrapyramidal symptoms, e.g., stiffness, tremor, Parkinsonism.
Emergency Precautions Scheme
Emergency Power System. A system that is required by codes or other laws to automatically supply illumination or power or both in the event of failure of the normal supply or in the event of accidents to such systems. Such systems may also include standby loads incidental to system operations but shall not include systems for optional standby loads only.
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See Exp.
See electrophysiologic studies.
European Passenger Services - Eurostar
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see Storable propellant stage
Software that handles all or most of the software needs of a business, i.e. accounting, shipping, manufacturing, inventory, etc. Examples of these are SAP, Oracle and Peoplesoft.
sugar polymers that contribute to the slimy appearance of bacteria probably promote colonization of plant tissues and disease development in bacteria
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Equal dollar swap Equal percentage contribution rule (EPCoR)
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n]: Eventual Prison Sentence
endpapers - pages directly inside the covers. One is pasted to the cover itself, the other is free and usually precedes (or follows) the actual content of the book.
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Equitable Provision of Service
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short for "episodes"
Emissions Processor System
ensemble prediction system
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Electronic Power Steering. This feature provides assistance to the driver when turning. It is included as standard on most modern cars.
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Export Promotion Services
Ethernet Protection Switching
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Environmental Protection Service/Environment Canada
See Enterprise Project Structure
Educational & Productivity Solutions
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Electrical Power Supply
electronic payment system. information system designed to record, transfer, store and process data about goods and services purchased. (p. 106)
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Electronic Payment Services. Any use of an On-Board Unit to pay for a service.