Definitions for "EPOXY RESIN"
Keywords:  thermoset, resin, adhesive, amine, cure
Resins which may be of widely different structures but are characterized by the presence of the epoxy group. (The epoxy or epoxide group is usually present as a glycidyl ether, glycidyl amine, or as part of an aliphatic ring system. The aromatic type epoxy resins are normally used in composites.)
A synthetic resin produced by the reaction of epichlorohydrin and bisphenol. Epoxy resins may be used alone (unmodified) or modified with drying oils (epoxy esters) for coating vehicles.
Synthetic resin characterized by the presence of the epoxy group, derived from petroleum products that can be cured by a catalyst or used to upgrade other synthetic resins to form a harder, more chemically resistant film. This resin possesses high mechanical strength, good adhesion, and resistance to solvents, acids, alkali, and corrosion. It usually does not weather well.
a substance which contains the above groups and is also capable of polymerisation to form a rigid three dimensional structure with cross linking between molecular chains
Any of a group of materials derived by polymerization of certain epoxy chemicals.
an example of a substance with local effects on the skin
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(See epoxy.)