Definitions for "Epithelium"
The superficial layer of cells lining the alimentary canal and all its appendages, all glands and their ducts, blood vessels and lymphatics, serous cavities, etc. It often includes the epidermis (i. e., keratin-producing epithelial cells), and it is sometimes restricted to the alimentary canal, the glands and their appendages, -- the term endothelium being applied to the lining membrane of the blood vessels, lymphatics, and serous cavities.
the layer of cells that covers the body and lines many organs
Type of tissue that covers the outside of the body and makes up the lining and outer layers of most body organs and parts
Niacin Warts Nicotine
Niacin Tuberculosis
Keywords:  neoplasm, tumour, substrate
Neoplasms Substrate
Neoplasm Tumour
Ophthalmology Viral
Phenotype Ventral Polymorphic Viral
Papillomavirus Viral
Keywords:  orofacial, xerostomia
Orofacial Xerostomia
Keywords:  urodynamics, papain
Papain Urodynamics
Keywords:  overdose
Keywords:  neoplasia
Keywords:  nephrotic, urinary, oncology
Nephrotic Urinary
Oncology Urinary
Keywords:  virulence, necrosis
Necrosis Virulence
Keywords:  optometry, vitreous
Optometry Vitreous
Nearsightedness Thoracic Neurology
Keywords:  necrolysis, ulceration
Necrolysis Ulceration
Neurons Vaginal
Parasitic Vaginitis
Parasitic Vascular
Keywords:  urology, nausea
Nausea Urology
Keywords:  oophorectomy, virus
Oophorectomy Virus
Keywords:  osteoporosis
Keywords:  trastuzumab, oral
Oral Trastuzumab
Keywords:  tremor, neural
Neural Tremor
Keywords:  myopia, thermal
Myopia Thermal
Keywords:  venereal, oral
Oral Venereal
Keywords:  vaccine, nitrogen
Nitrogen Vaccine
Keywords:  nasal, systemic
Nasal Systemic