Definitions for "Episode"
A subsidiary passage other than the main thematic material. Episodes come, for example, between statements of a fugue, or between recurrences of the rondo theme in a rondo; but almost any self-contained section can be thought episodic.
(1) In a fugue, a freer passage between full statements of the subject; (2) in ritornello form, a freer concertina passage between ripieno statements of the ritornello.
a portion of the fugue where the subject does not appear as a melodic whole
A separate incident, story, or action, introduced for the purpose of giving a greater variety to the events related; an incidental narrative, or digression, separable from the main subject, but naturally arising from it.
An air pollution incident in a given area caused by a concentration of atmospheric pollutants under meteorological conditions that may result in a significant increase in illnesses or deaths. May also describe water pollution events or hazardous material spills.
In asthma, a period of markedly worsened symptoms. This may be brought on by exposure to a known trigger or by an upper respiratory infection (a cold), or it may not have a known explanation. An episode may come on all of a sudden or may develop gradually over days. Asthma episodes, at their worst, can be life-threatening, and should always be taken seriously. See exacerbation.
A major storyline within the Auto Assault world.
An episode is a major storyline within the game. Metamergence is the first episode and is featured on launch of Auto Assault.
An instalment in a dramatic series, or the teleplay of that instalment.
a series of two or more turns
a brief section of a literary or dramatic work that forms part of a connected series
Episode is an album by the Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. This is the first album with the new keyboard player Jens Johansson and drummer Jörg Michael.
A transitory occurrence which may include, but not be limited to: A lapse of consciousness or control Blackout Cataplexy Seizure Syncope Drop attacks
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spoken part of Greek drama that alternates with the stasima which are sung.
a removal with one or more placement settings
Duration of a child's stay in out-of-home care; may include more than one "placement" in foster homes or other settings.
a stressful encounter that has a beginning and an ending (such as an academic exam or a dentist appointment)
A condition of poor contaminant dispersion which may result in concentrations considered potentially harmful to health or welfare. Episodes may also occur during periods of fairly good dispersion if the source of air contaminants is extremely large.
From Web Characterization Terminology & Definitions Sheet ( 1999-05-24) A subset of related user clicks that occur within a user session. Concepts relating to the process of supplying Web resource manifestations.
film consisting of a succession of related shots that develop a given subject in a movie
In the context of air pollution, a time period during which pollution standards are exceeded or, more loosely, during which pollutant levels are significantly greater than normal or background levels.
The period of admitted patient care between a formal or statistical admission and a formal or statistical separation (eg. discharge, death) characterised by only one care type.
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an instance of a show on a particular date (and possibly time)
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a contact with the system resulting in one or more separations
The period for which a medical condition requires treatment.
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