Definitions for "Epidural block"
Anesthesia caused by the elimination of sensory inputs from dorsal nerve roots after drugs are introduced into appropriate regions of the epidural space.
In an epidural block, an anesthetic agent is injected into the extradural (epidural) space. It diffuses through the dura and arachnoid, entering the subarachnoid space containing CSF. It acts on the nerve roots and the spinal cord causing loss of sensation below the level of the block. While it is very unlikely to affect the fetus during childbirth, it is effective in preventing pain. Chronic lower backache is also treated with an epidural block.
An anaesthetic technique that reduces pain during childbirth without altering the mother's level of consciousness. This type of local anaesthesia is often given during labour to relieve the pain of contractions and delivery. A needle is inserted through the skin of the back into the epidural space. Anaesthetic is then injected around the spinal cord which anaesthetises the nerves of the lower part of the body
a popular choice for more extensive procedures
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See Epidural.