Definitions for "epidemiological"
Keywords:  ulcer, mutagenesis, nicotine
Mutagenesis Ulceration
Nicotine Ulcer
Keywords:  orofacial
Keywords:  photophobia
Keywords:  urinalysis
Keywords:  neuroendocrine, urology
Neuroendocrine Urology
Oligosaccharides Varicella
Oxidation Transplantation
Occult Transplantation
Mutagenic Transplantation
Keywords:  zoonoses, prostaglandins
Prostaglandins Zoonoses
Keywords:  neurology
Keywords:  oncogene
Keywords:  parathyroid
Keywords:  nephrosis, ureter
Nephrosis Ureter
Neurotransmitter Vasoconstriction
Connected with, or pertaining to, epidemiology; as, epidemiological studies.
Dealing with the scientific study of the incidence, control, and spread of disease in a population.
studies studies of the distribution of disease and other health issues as related to age, sex, race, ethnicity, occupation, economic status, or other factors Radiation Health Effects return to: [] [ Click "BackButton" for previous location
Keywords:  venereal
Keywords:  octreotide, vaccine
Octreotide Vaccine
Pathologic Vascular Pelvic Vasculitis
Keywords:  vancomycin, oral
Oral Vancomycin
Keywords:  pancreas, withdrawal
Withdrawal Pancreas
Keywords:  nasal, vaginitis
Nasal Vaginitis
Keywords:  nausea