Definitions for "Epicycle"
A circle, whose center moves round in the circumference of a greater circle; or a small circle, whose center, being fixed in the deferent of a planet, is carried along with the deferent, and yet, by its own peculiar motion, carries the body of the planet fastened to it round its proper center.
A circle which rolls on the circumference of another circle, either externally or internally.
A construct of the geocentric model of the solar system which was necessary to explain observed planetary motions. Each planet rides on a small epicycle whose center in turn rides on a larger circle (the deferent).
In numerology each year of your life is part of an evolving pattern that can be described as a nine year cycle or Epicycle. These cycles begin at your birth and progress through nine steps that complete an Epicycle and begin again. Some numerologists use the Master Numbers here also.