Definitions for "EPC"
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electronic photonic concentrator
Electronic Product Code. An extension of the UPC, EPC is object-specific, specifying not only the manufacturer and product, but also a serial number for each product. Current versions of the EPC have 64bits of user-definable information; future versions will have 96, 128, and 256 bits.
Electronic Products checklist; may be pulled from TS web site at:
European Patent Convention. The international convention governing the application for, processing and grant of a European patent.
European Pharmacopoeia Commission (C of E) Produces the European Pharmacopoeia, part of the EDQM.
European Patent Convention. The European Patent Convention (EPC) came into force in 1977and established the European Patent Office (EPO). Ireland became a member of the organisation with effect from 1st August 1992. The main advantage and purpose of the EPC is that is allows patent rights to be obtained in any one or more of the EPC contracting States by making a single European patent application. This may be considerably cheaper than making a separate "national" application in each country. When granted a European patent has the effect of a national patent in each of the Countries designated. European patent applications may be filed either with national patent offices or directly with the Hague Branch of the EPO.
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Earnings Per 100 clicks. To find an EPC figure for a Merchant this is the calculation - PROFIT / CLICKS = EPC
How much profit is made from each click from a paid ad.
earnings per click. used to describe network wide performance of an ad campaign, it is the total payout divided by the total number of clicks, or the average amount earned per click.
Emergency process change: a form used to alert those who need to know when a manufacturing process must be changed immediately.
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Emergency Planning College. Part of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat [External website]. The Government's centre of excellence for crisis management and emergency planning, at Easingwold in Yorkshire. [External website
Expandable Pattern Casting. The process of pouring castings utilizing foam patterns. The foam patterns are coated with a refractory, surrounded by dry unbonded and compacted sand. When molten metal is poured, the foam vaporizes and produces a casting identical to the original foam pattern.
LOPA Process Simulation VE
Entry Process Co-ordinator
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Etage Principal Cryogénique - see Main cryogenic stage
Event-controlled process chain. A graphical display form used in the R/3 Reference Model to describe in detail the logical sequence of business functions and events carried out by the R/3 System. The EPC is the fourth level of the model and may be accessed by drilldown from the scenarios and processes.
acronym for Event-driven Process Chain
A globally unique serial number that identifies an item in the supply chain. This allows inquiries to be made about a single instance of an item, wherever it is within the supply chain.
Endothelial Progenitor Cells
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction.
abbreviation for the Educational Publishers Council, a division of the Publishers Association concerned with the UK schoolbook market.
Engineered pest control
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arnings er lick
Educational Policy Committee SBSL Student Based Service-Learning
Employment Practices Committee (of UKOOA)
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Electroplate on copper.
Energy performance contract. A way to finance and implement a capital improvement project by using a client's cost savings to cover project costs: An energy services company (ESCO) provides this service.
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Effective Pip Count.
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Enhanced Primary Care
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Evidence-based Practice Center