Definitions for "EPA"
(eicosa-pentaenoic aicd) An omega-3 fatty acid with 20 carbon atoms, found in fish oils.
Eicosapentaenoic acid, an Omega-3 oil found in seafood and very low concentrations in plants.
(eicosapentenoic acid): a fish oil supplement, an omega 3 fatty acid that inhibits the delta 5 desaturase enzyme that converts DGLA (dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid) to arachidonic acid
US nvironmental rotection gency.
A part of the US federal government that enforces environmental laws and provides information and guidance to policy makers.
Environment Protection Authority. In Victoria and other States of Australia, a State Government body whose job is to protect the air, water and land from pollution. Organisations like Melbourne Water must get a licence from the EPA to operate places such as sewage treatment plants.
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End Point Adjustment. This setting is one of the most valuable features of your radio. It allows you to set the servos throw in both directions independently. This way the servo is not hitting things that can limit its travel and overwork the servo. It also allows you to set the maximum amount of left / right steering.
On radio gear, to allow the end point of the servo to be adjusted. Report this Word Added by: dst747
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quipement privé d'abonné, équipement fourni par le client
tablissement Public à caractère Administratif
European Union and Pacific Economic Partnerships Agreeement. Trade & Economy
Economic Partnership Agreement
This anagram stands for Equity Principle Audition. These are auditions set up by Actors Equity, the stage actors union, which are open to all members. See here for more info.
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Exclusive Provider Arrangement. An indemnity or service plan that provides benefits only if care is rendered by the institutional and professional providers with which it contracts (with some exceptions for emergency and out-of-area services).
Exclusive Provider Arrangement. Insurance plan similar to an HMO. PCP coordinates care including referrals to specialists and hospital admissions, within a specified network. There are no out of network benefits for this type of product.
Egyptian Physicists Association
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Employees exempt from the State Personnel Act (includes all faculty).
See Equal Pay Act.
Equal Pay Act. A federal law requiring equal pay for men and women performing work requiring equal skill, effort, and responsibility under similar working conditions. It was made part of the FLSA in 1963.
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(DOD) See evasion plan of action.
Estimated Population Annoyed
a document which enables you to choose whom you would want to manage your financial affairs if you were to become mentally incapable, for example due to a stroke, dementia or accident
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Effective Projected Area; A value given to outdoor pole mounted lighting equipment based on fixture surface area and shape. Used in outdoor applications to calculate wind loading data to determine proper pole size necessary to support fixture.
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Electronic Plotting Aid.
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Extension of Pensionable Age.
Electric Penetration Assembly
Enhanced Performance Architecture, 3 layer architecture; layer 1, 2 and 7.
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Effective Project Approval