Definitions for "EOP"
Educational Opportunity Program. Special admissions program which offers counseling, tutoring, educational assistance, and an EOP grant for low-income and educationally disadvantaged students. The program is available at all CSU and UC campuses.
Educational Opportunity Program; goals are to improve access, retention, and graduation of educationally disadvantaged, low-income, and/or underrepresented students.
Educational Opportunity Program. A state program designed to improve the access, retention and graduation of students who have been historically, economically and/or educationally disadvantaged. EOP provides comprehensive admissions and academic support services. More information
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end of procedures
Engineering Operational Procedures
End of Partition: The last location in a partition which can be accessed. Identical to EOM if only one partition is defined.
Explanation Of Payments.
Explanation of payment. A statement provided by the health plan which explains the benefits provided, the allowable reimbursement amounts, any deductibles, coinsurance or other adjustments taken and the net amount paid. A provider typically receives an explanation of payment with a claim reimbursement check.
Extraction bleaching stage using sodium hydroxide with subsequent addition of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide solution as a reinforcing agent
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Earth Orientation Parameters 'n‹…‰ñ“]ƒp
Earth orientation parameter
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emergency off-take point
emergency operations plan
Exchange offering prospectus. A form of prospectus that allows a company to conduct a prospectus offering through the facilities of a stock exchange, rather than issuing them directly to the public. The company then applies to list the securities on the exchange.
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Executive Office of the President