Definitions for "EOC"
Emergency Operation Centre
Embedded Operations Channel (GR303). The EOC occupies a single DS0 of bandwidth in timeslot 12, and is used to control inbound and outbound GR303 call operations.
Emergency Operations Centers
Electricity Oversight Committee
Educational Oversight Committee
Essence of Care
Essential Obstetric Care. The minimum amount of interventions to promote a healthy pregnancy and birth outcome including antenatal care, birth planning, ensuring delivery with a skilled attendant, proper referral and management of obstetrical complications and postpartum monitoring and care.
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End of Conversion
End of cycle
End Office Connection. The interconnection between a Verizon end office and another service provider's switching entity/ Point of Interface, over which traffic may flow between the end office and its remotes, and the other service provider's switching entity/Point of Interface.
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Edge of Coverage. A satellite's defined service area.
see Edge of Coverage.
Edge of Chaos. The tendency of dynamic systems to self-organise to a state roughly midway between globally static (unchanging) and chaotic (random) states. This can also be regarded as the liquid phase, half way between solid (static) and gas (random) natural states. In information theory this is the state containing the maximum information.
mergency perations enter. This is where government, utility and other involved officials meet to manage major incidents. Individual towns and agencies can establish their own EOC for handling situations that only affect them.
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Economy of Childcare Project
Equal Opportunity Compliance
Equal Opportunities Commission
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Engine Oil Cooler
Email Optimization Consultant
a booklet describing the insured's benefits under an insurance plan.
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Employer of Choice
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Express Order