Definitions for "Enzyme "
A type of protein that facilitates chemical changes in other substances. LSDs are caused by the deficiency or malfunction of certain enzymes in the body.
a chemical, originating in a cell, that regulates reactions in the body
Proteins produced by living organisms that function as a biochemical catalyst.
Overdose Urethritis
Overdose Toxin
Overdose Torticollis Transgenes
Neoplasia Thermoregulation
Oncogene Thermoregulation
Osteoporosis Veins
Nitrogen Vitiligo
Osteoporosis Vitiligo
Osteodystrophy Thyroxine
Mutagenesis Thyroxine
linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) - blood test used to find Helicobacter pylori bacteria; also used to diagnose an ulcer.
Mucocutaneous Ulcer
Mucus Ulcer
Oncology Uterus
Oncology nurse Translating
Pathogen Vaccine
Neurology Vaccine
Neurotransmitter Toxin
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Keywords:  trichinosis
Keywords:  trachoma
Neurons Vascular
Osteoarthritis Vascular
Pharmacodynamics Viremia
Keywords:  perivascular
Keywords:  osteomyelitis
Mononeuropathies Vasoactive
Keywords:  octreotide
Nystatin Vasoconstriction
Keywords:  monotherapy, tretinoin
Monotherapy Tretinoin
Methotrexate Telangiectasia
Keywords:  myalgia
Keywords:  niacinamide
Keywords:  neuritis
Keywords:  nephropathy
Keywords:  pallor, virulence
Pallor Virulence
Keywords:  optometry
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Otorhinolaryngology Vestibular
Keywords:  optician, vanadium
Optician Vanadium
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Physicochemical Pinta Yaws
Whether in the form papain (papaya) or bromelain (pineapple), enzymes have long been used in their pure form as exfoliants. They work by dissolving the dead skin cells on the top layer of skin.
Ophthalmic Tryptophan Ophthalmologic Tuberculosis
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Orofacial Ventral
Keywords:  niacin
Keywords:  sporadic
Keywords:  neuroendocrine, trachea
Neuroendocrine Trachea
Keywords:  ophthalmology, vitreous
Ophthalmology Vitreous
Keywords:  uveitis, neurologic
Neurologic Uveitis
Keywords:  ocular, ventricular
Ocular Ventricular
Keywords:  vaccinia, pelvic
Pelvic Vaccinia
Keywords:  urologist, neural
Neural Urologist
Keywords:  tremor, parkinsonism
Parkinsonism Tremor
Phenotype Viscera Physiologic
Keywords:  palpation, veins
Palpation Veins
Neonatal Transplantation
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Ask a biochemist about it.
European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products (EMEA) European Pharmacopoeia
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Keywords:  vesicular, oral
Oral Vesicular
Keywords:  occult, uterus
Occult Uterus
Keywords:  vertebral
Keywords:  tumour, oral
Oral Tumour
Keywords:  nitrates, withdrawal
Nitrates Withdrawal
a biocatalyst - something that makes something else work, or work faster
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a nano-machine, built atom by atom, in a process no one can describe fully
Enzyme is an architecture for creating user-searching-user applications. Right now, it is primarily useful as a resume create/search and HR management system. However, it's potential uses are wide-ranging, and it offers PHP developers an alternative to relying on simple "keyword" searching systems.
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Could be of animal origin, and should be considered suspect unless source is known.
a highly efficient stain removing ingredient which works at low temperatures
a means towards something else, a component of a larger emergence
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See Enzymes.