Definitions for "Envy "
Chagrin, mortification, discontent, or uneasiness at the sight of another's excellence or good fortune, accompanied with some degree of hatred and a desire to possess equal advantages; malicious grudging; -- usually followed by of; as, they did this in envy of Cæsar.
An object of envious notice or feeling.
To feel envy at or towards; to be envious of; to have a feeling of uneasiness or mortification in regard to (any one), arising from the sight of another's excellence or good fortune and a longing to possess it.
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Malice; ill will; spite.
Public odium; ill repute.
To show malice or ill will; to rail.
Emulation adapted to the meanest capacity.
Emulation; rivalry.
To emulate.
Envy (Russian: Зависть) is a landmark novel published in 1927 by the Russian novelist Yury Olesha and acclaimed by Vladimir Nabokov as the greatest novel produced in the Soviet Union. It is remarkable both for its poetic style, undulating modes of transition between the scenes, its innovative structure, its biting satire, and for its ruthless examination of Socialist ideals.
Who would have thought a band featuring a little screaming fat japanese man could be so damned appealing
Envy is one of the foremost hardcore/screamo bands in Japan. They have a large following outside of their native Japan, and are signed to Rock Action Records in Europe and Temporary Residence Limited in North America, though originally they worked with Level Plane Records. Vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa was featured on the song "I Chose Horses" from the album Mr.
Envy is a 2004 comedy film, starring Ben Stiller and Jack Black and was directed by Barry Levinson. The film was poorly received by both critics and audiences in the U.S. The film had been stalled for some time, and it was only the success of School of Rock that prompted the distributors to release the film to theatres.
Envy is a pornstar who has starred in over 75 adult films.
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To hate.
To dream that you entertain envy for others, denotes that you will make warm friends by your unselfish deference to the wishes of others. If you dream of being envied by others, it denotes that you will suffer some inconvenience from friends overanxious to please you.
Envy is a tool for shell-independent environment variable management. Envy is not ambitious. It is designed to be a narrow tool and it tries to solve specific and practical problems without going wildly overboard.
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To do harm to; to injure; to disparage.
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be envious of; set one's heart on