Definitions for "Environmental Policy"
An organization's overall aims and principles of action with respect to the environment including compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements regarding the environment and also a commitment to continual improvement of environmental performance. The environmental policy provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
A statement by a company of its principles and intentions in relation to its overall environmental performance. It establishes a framework for action and for setting environmental objectives and targets.
a statement of intent to meet regulatory standards and improve environmental performance
The guidelines for what a company hopes to achieve through its environmental work.
Guidelines and rules for managing and protecting the environment. See Integrated Metropolitan Environmental Policy.
The official rules or regulations concerning the environment adopted, implemented, and enforced by some governmental agency.
Environmental policy may refer to either the private sector or the public sector. In the public sector it generally refers to a government's use and creation of the laws, regulations, and other policy mechanisms concerning environmental issues and sustainability. In the private sector it usually refers to the compliance with those tools, or the independent development of self-regulation and rule-making that may go beyond what is required by governments.
a formal proclamation of a school's or school board's commitment to reduce the environmental impacts of its day-to-day activities
a unique document for each organization
The organisation's general attitude towards the environment.
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