Definitions for "Environmental Assessment"
Keywords:  nepa, eis, fonsi, concise, impact
A concise, public document containing a Federal agency's analysis of potential environmental consequences.  Scientists use the EA to determine whether an environmental impact statement is needed or a “finding of no significant impact” is warranted.
an interim decision document prepared for an action where the significance of social, economic, or environmental impact is not clearly established. If the action is determined to have significant impact, an Environmental Impact Statement is then prepared. If no significant impact is determined, a finding of no significant impact is prepared.
An assessment of the impacts (see Impact) and effects resulting from a development, such as a mineral working site.
a critically important planning tool, given the potential for serious and irreversible damage to the environment that can result from some human activity
The measurement or prediction of the transport, dispersion, and final location of a released hazardous substance.
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