Definitions for "Envelopment"
Keywords:  prise, fer, flanks, enemy, blade
An offensive manoeuvre in which the main attacking force passes around or over the enemy's principal defensive positions to secure objectives to the enemy's rear.
Direct attack with multiple anchor points, that allows for multiple points of attack. Generally used as an engine tactic in the wildland urban interface.
a circular prise de fer
That which envelops or surrounds; an envelop.
In the context of sound reproduction, envelopment mainly refers to the ability of a recording or audio-video system to impart a sense of space, depth, and ambience to the sound. With regard to playback system hardware, the term deals with the ability to recreate, or possibly synthesize, that same sense of space. In most cases, a system will do this better if a surround-sound feature is employed.
The act of enveloping or wrapping; an inclosing or covering on all sides.
the act of enclosing something inside something else
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